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Calabash Condos

Location: Marisule Ridge
2 Bedrooms Air Conditioned - Living Room, Air-conditioned bedrooms, Ceiling Fans, Dual Voltage, Electronically Gated Community, Fully Furnished, Near Shopping, Washing Machine & Dryer, Caribbean Sea View, Near Beach

Floor Area: 1100 sq ft
513,000.00 XCD
190,000.00 USD

Property Description

Located on just over ½ an acre with spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea, are 4 condos, consisting of 2 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, totaling 1,100 sq ft..


On the ground level, there is a fully equipped kitchen, guest powder room, laundry facility with washer/drier combo unit and spacious living/dining area which leads onto a private balcony separated by French doors.


The upper floor consists of 2 air conditioned bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. The master bedroom enjoys a private balcony looking on to the sea views.


All doors and windows are sound proof.


These 4 completed condos are part of a developing gated community. They are fully furnished and available for rental as well.


There will be a communal pool constructed in the communal ground.


Perched just past the Choc Hill, this property is at the heart of everything. In addition to sitting on the Ridge overlooking the beautiful, blue Caribbean Sea, within 5-10 minutes to either direction, homeowners can access: public transportation, gas station, gym and sports facilities, golf course, church, pharmacy, supermarkets, cinema, restaurants, beaches and the island’s best shopping malls.

The Benefits of Purchasing at Calabash Condos –



100% waiver from the payment of Alien’s Landholding License fees until 2020.


100% waiver from the payment of Stamp Duty and Vendor’s Tax on the conveyance transfer until 2020.




Property Details

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