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The Landings 1112 (3 Bedroom)

Location: The Causeway, Pigeon Island
3 - 3 Bedrooms Air-conditioned bedrooms, Docking Facilities, Cable TV, Ceiling Fan, Central air-conditioning, Clothes Dryer, CD player, Dishwasher, DVD player, Gym, Internet Access, Safe, Tennis Court, TV, Washing Machine

Pool Types: Shared Pool

Floor Area: 2638
Sale Price: 
1,000,000.00 USD

Property Description

3 Bed luxury condo apartment set within beachfront development, The Landings with first class amenities at your fingertips.

This residence enjoys a waterfront terrace as well as generous balconies, verandas, spacious interiors and world-class finishes, materials and appliances. Built to the highest technical, ergonomic and environmental standards, each home will be crafted with care and elegantly appointed with exotic wood finishes, imported tile and stone, luxurious finishes, fixtures and furnishings.

Property specs:

Development specs:


Property Details

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